A10K Hovershoes


Explore your city like never before with the all new XPLORA Hovershoes! Discover new city areas in a more entertaining way than ever, or rediscover old areas in a new fashion. Getting around has never been more fun!



We call them XPLORA Hovershoes, which combines the advantages of a skateboard, a Hoverboard and rollerskates. With a unique appearance and dazzling colorful LED lights when moving, the eye catching Hovershoes gives the users a unique experience unlike anything else. The product uses selfbalanced gravity sensing technology, which enables beginners to enjoy it right away!

When the centre of gravity tilts forward, the XPLORA Hovershoes move forward; when you stand up right, the XPLORA Hovershoes stop; when your centre of gravity tilts backwards, the XPLORA Hovershoes move backwards. There is no difference between the front and the back. XPLORA Hovershoes makes traveling both safe and fun! 


  • 10km range
  • Easy learning
  • Smart alarm and automatic protection
  • Self balancing technology
  • Certified internationally
  • Advanced battery management
Backpack double strap

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Model description

Color   Black & White

Weight and Dimensions

Maximum rider weight   130kg
Net weight per unit   3,3kg (x2)
Unit measurements   227x115x113 mm
Recommended age   6+

Operational Parameters

Max. speed   12 km/h.*
Max. slope   10°
Max. range   10 km
Max. front and rear tilt angle   80°
Max. left and right tilt angle   50°
Traversable terrain   Flat or hard ground free of bumps,
holes or obstacles
Operating temperature   -10 to 40°C
IP Rating   IP65


Charging time (for both units)   Approx. 2 hours
Nominal capacity   2.6 Ah each unit
Nominal power   54 watts each unit
Charging temperature   0° to 40°C
Type   18650 high rate discharge battery
Battery management system   Over/under-voltage
Over-heating protection


Power   250 W x 2
Size   90 mm
Input voltage   100-240 VAC
DC Dual output   L/R simultaeneous output 29.4V/1A
Charging status light   Red (charging, batteries not full)
Green (batteries fully charged)

Additional features

LED   Front and rear lights
Battery notification   Green (standby, full power)
Yellow (battery level below 30%)
Red (battery level below 10%)
Security Alarm   Alarm
(maximum speed,
maximum operational limit
and stability)

*Max. speed will vary based on riding style,
rider weight and remaining battery life.
Max. speed will be reduced when the battery is low