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XPLORA 3S + Powerbank
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The award-winning Xplora 3S is a smartphone designed as a watch. With the all new waterproof 3S, you and your child can easily communicate by calling, or you can send text messages. You can locate your child, and set up safety zones. Xplora provides the safety needed by both the child and the adult.


New and more exciting ways to explore the world!

Based on the enthusiastic response from over 400,000 happy international customers, XPLORA is now bringing the award - winning GPS watch-phone to the UK. For a limited time you can order the watch for a specially reduced price.


Locate your child with the XPLORA 3S. Feel safe when you go out on trips or excursions. Bring your children to festivals without having to worry! You can also create safezones, that alerts you when your children leave or enter, like your home or the school.


The watch is a phone! With a SIM-card you can both make and receive calls. This enables easy communication with the child and up to 12 contacts. Answering and making calls is very easy with swipe motions. The watch can also display text messages and emojis, no more boring texts!

Take pictures 

Take pictures with the watch! The new added camera on the Xplora 3S gives your child the possibility to take pictures. They can share pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store over 1000 pictures in the gallery and set a custom background.


Let your child play and have fun! It is waterproof, so your child can still play out in the rain, or even take it for a swim. The watch have a step counter, which is a fun way for a child to keep track of their daily movement, or to challenge friends


This is the SIM-FREE version. The smartwatch works the same way as a phone, so you will need to buy a separate SIM-card to make and receive calls, and use the location setting.

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