XPLORA Activity Band

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Stay active and be rewarded!
With XPLORA ACTIVITY BAND you can stay active and be rewarded in a fun way. For every 1000 steps we will reward you with 1 XPLORA COIN. You can redeem the XPLORA COIN to engage with exciting content or even purchase products! The watch is also full of other nice features.

*The XPLORA ACTIVITY BAND is a step counter and can not make phone calls


The ultra-thin XPLORA Activity Band is reliable and playfully animates you and your child to exercise more.

More movement

The classic pedometer, which measures daily movement, is now particularly exciting for children, teens and adults alike: with its sleek and ultra-thin design, and the combination of connecting to the O2O activity platform #GOPLAY by XPLORA, the XPLORA Activity Band is the perfect daily companion to keep track of physical activity.

Did we mention you can collect coins and redeem exciting products and play games?

By partnering with some of the world's best known entertainment brands, such as Fox Disney with the film "Spies in Disguise", XPLORA has successfully tackled the challenge of combining unbalanced screen time with physical activity:

register your Activity Band on the new and unique O2O activity platform #GOPLAY, which encourages you to spend more time offline and staying physically active!

For every 1,000 steps taken while wearing an XPLORA product*, the user receives one XPLORA COIN, which can either be redeemed for physical products in our #GOPLAY Store or used for playtime in exciting partnership games. No physical activity =  no game time.

Healthy sleep

The sleep monitor gives you valuable insight into your sleeping pattern.

Capture experiences

Another exciting feature is the self-timer that syncs with the the camera of your smartphone. This makes it easy to take a snapshot while in motion.

*The XPLORA 1, XPLORA 2 and XPLORA 3S do not feature a step counter and are not eligible to collect coins from the O2O #GOPLAY activity platform.


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